airEkey US model
airEkey US model
airEkey US model
airEkey US model
airEkey US model
airEkey US model

airEkey US model

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Product features: no front desk function (self check in)

Self check in

1. Send the door open permission from the manager to the customer, the customer can scan the QR code to unlock, (no front desk)

2. Customer's self-certification (face authentication)

3. Send the unlock record to the administrator's mobile phone in real time (effective management, online cloud lock)

Easy operation at the customer's front desk

1. Smart card unlocking (by the mobile phone APP, by adding the QR code on the smart card to add the card to the door lock, the user unlocks the real-time unlock record)

2. Free mobile phone system and mobile APP (easy to use)

3. Monitor the operation of the hotel and prevent the front desk from collecting money and not registering

4. With real-time room vacancy rate and room price report, the manager can view the report at any time.

airEkey user process

1. User actively scans the code to apply for unlocking

2. The administrator of the lock receives the prompt for the user to apply for unlocking (SMS, APP)

3. In the APP system to determine the time permissions that users can unlock

4. Notify the user (SMS, Email, APP push information)

5. User scans the QR code to unlock

USB emergency backup key

Open the QR code cover, use the USB interface to power on, connect the app to unlock the door

How to install it

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